Katowice Miasto Ogrodów

We are an urban cultural institution, combining the innovative approach towards culture with flexible activity and courage in undertaking new challenges. Our portfolio covers several international, original festivals and cyclical projects (including Katowice JazzArt Festival, ‘Gardens of Sounds’ World Music Festival, ‘Interpretation’ Polish Nationwide Direction Festival, Katowice Sound Office, Ars Independent, Silesian Blues Route, ‘Plac na Glanc’), among which Katowice Street Art. AiR is one of the most important points. During the 7 editions that have been organised so far, we have achieved the impossible, making Katowice one of the largest street art galleries in Poland and, since 2017, concentrating on social projects, interventions and installations, daringly entering the public space.

Since 2016, our seat is in the building of former Katowice Culture Centre located in the southern part of the city centre. A place whose past (it was founded as a congress centre of a Voivodeship Committee of the Polish united Workers’ Party) and size is a challenge and, at the same time, is a space for which contemporary art can be an important redefining factor. The building houses, among other things, six art galleries (Engram, Pojedyńcza Gallery, Piątka Gallery, Miasto Ogrodów Gallery, Pusta Gallery and Korez Gallery), Computer History Museum as well as Korez theatre. The edifice has a concert hall, workshop rooms (including ‘Music Flights Station – Musicdrome), a place for creative, research and educational meetings (Medialab), rehearsal rooms, a recording studio and a hotel part. Moreover, there are to catering points in the building: Strefa Centalna and Hipnoza Jazz Club.